Cortland Seafood

Fresh Seafood

We offer a variety of fresh seafood !

Pricing and availability may vary 

 Such as: 

Haddock, Cod, Pollock. Dry Sea Scallops, Flounder, Fresh Monk Fish, Sword Fish & Mahi Steaks

 Also available is our very own Home Cooked Shrimp! 

We carry Hard Shell Little Neck Clams 

400ct~ $175.00 

200ct~ $93.00 

100ct~ $60.00 

Dozen~ $7.95 

"Order early to reserve yours!"


We also carry frozen items as well

Such as: 

King Crab~$27.95 lb. 

8-10 oz & 16-20oz Lobster Tails~$36.95 lb. 

Pealed & Deveined Shrimp~

 Raw 16/20 ct. $10.95 per lb. 

Raw 26/30 ct. $9.95 per lb. 

Cooked 26/30ct. $10.95 per lb. 

Cooked 16/20ct. $12.95 per lb.

All 3 sold in 2 lb. bags


Shell on Shrimp~ 

26/30 ct. $6.95 lb.

16/20 ct. $8.95 lb.


Other frozen items: 

Jumbo Lump Blue Crab $17.95 lb. 

Cleaned Squid (tubes and tentacles) 2 1/2 lb. pkg. $12.95ea.

 Frog Legs 6-8 ct. $7.95 lb. 

Swordfish $9.15 lb. 

Tuna Steaks $7.95 lb. 

Salmon Steaks $7.95 lb. 

Halibut$19.95 lb.

 Octopus $3.95 lb. 

Lobster Meat ~ 11.3oz  $34.00 ib. 

Minced Clams ~ 1lb  $7.95 & 4lb $27.80 ea. 

Salt Cod $8.95 lb. 

Imitation Crab 2 1/2 lb. pkg. $9.95 ea.

Langistino $23.95 lb.



Pricing and availability my vary 

For your convenience we accept cash, check and debit/credit card 

We also have Clam Steamers for sale! $ 69.95 each