Cortland Seafood

We have changed our Saturday hours!
8am to noon
Sunday/Monday CLOSED 
Ahoy land lubbers! Welcome to Cortland Seafood, the finest sea servin' fish catchin' establishment ye have laid yer eyes on. Come in and take yer pick in a humble atmosphere and see our brave sailors and ladies make you yer catch of the day! Pick from your choice of fresh fish or, if you want it cooked, from fried scallops, to the classic fish sandwich, and even some broasted chicken for ye tired of the sea. Look ho and watch our sailors hand pick and weigh all yer grub right before yer eyes! Here at Cortland Seafood we pride ourselves on a great meal for a great price. With our great prices and great booty, you'd think we'd pirated the seas and stole it ourselves. So drop anchor here at Cortland Seafood for the best meal in port!

-Cortland's Original and only Seafood Market-


Beautiful shrimp trays made to order for any event.

Please call ahead to order

We also offer large quantities of chicken for any party or event

Please call ahead to order

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Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday 9am-5:30pm
Friday 9am-7:30pm